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If you're looking for a passionate and knowledgeable expert in the intersecting fields of psychology and relationships, with a wealth of insights and experiences that you'd love to share with your audience, you're in the right place! I'd be thrilled to chat with you.

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The Social Platform for Better Mental Health

Our goal is to create a world where mental health challenges are seen not as obstacles, but as human experiences deserving of compassion, understanding, and crucially, access to appropriate support.

Join me LIVE inside CADRE's app every Tuesday at 12pm CST.

Join me each week for my Coffee Chat where we discuss all aspects of relationships including your attachment style, boundaries, communication skills, and more!

Plus, you'll also enjoy the wealth of knowledge from other experts and speakers in the health and wellness space who are part of CADRE's community.

Discover CADRE's expanding collection of mental health resources that's not only limited to relationships, but also talks about topics like trauma, anxiety, leadership, self-love, family and parenting, and more!

The Social Platform for Better Mental Health

Speaking and Live Events

Whether I’m speaking on a grand stage or joining from the comfort of my home office online, I am prepared to share my expert insights as a Relationship Therapist and a Survivor of Toxic Relationships.

Feel free to reach out to me for an interview, or to be a guest speaker at your next major event.